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I ragazzi del sito fight or die, uno dei portali più importanti per quanto riguarda gli sport da combattimento misti, mi hanno ospitato per farmi parlare di ”Come Un Cane”.
Un ringraziamento speciale a Gian Paolo Doretti per averci dato questa possibilità e a Maurizio Pavone della Bulldog’s gym (da pochi giorni arrivato terzo ai campionati mondiali di full contact, yeah Mauri! grande!) per aver pubblicizzato in giro il libro mio e di Alex.

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7 Comments For This Post

  1. giovanni Shoktessera N°3 Says:

    ..come nei lupetti, c’ho la toppa shok studio, la toppa bulldog’s e quella degli amici di Gianni Mitraglia..mi manca arcinerds (ma arriva) e poi divento esploratore.

  2. DIFFORME Says:

    quando si dice “credibilità”

    massimo rispetto

  3. Dheyaa Says:

    What I see as the similarity bewteen VN and the PWOT is the failure to connect tactics and strategy.When you were ass in the grass in the RVN you could see that all the noble words about “democracy” and resisting communism were that much bullshit. The reality there trumped whatever the hell McNamara and company were using to drive their “strategy”. So the tactics might be successful - the NVA or VC might get handed their ass - but that didn’t matter in the long run. They were going to keep coming back again…Same-same this moronic chundering around central Asia. We’re spending how many millions per muj we kill…and then what? Is that somehow going to make Afghanistan something other than a 9th Century backwards shithole? Our SF teams and their local allies can storm every hilltop in Asia and there’ll still be a local rival or enemy for “our” warlord. It’s been that way since Saladin’s time and before.

  4. Says:

    Kudos! What a neat way of thinking about it.

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  6. Says:

    Wow, the batiks look fab - not that I actually noticed them until you pointed them out…Huge quilt market envy - surely I could abandon toddler/breastfeeding baby and sneak into your luggage?

  7. Says:

    I think you’ve just captured the answer perfectly

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