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About Alberto Ponticelli

The Beginning

Born in Milan in 1969, Alberto developed a passion for illustration at a young age drawing his first picture of a train, in perspective, while still at kindergarden. He continued working on his passion through the years and in 1994 he won the third place at Prato Fantastico and soon after was featured on his first official work "Videomax n.12", written by Graziano Origa, published by Editoriale Dardo.

The Shok Studio era

In 1995 Alberto joins a group of talented friends, called Shok Studio, who embarked on a journey to self-publish three comic books in Italy: Morgue, Egon and Ragno. The concepts by the talented team, featuring Alberto's powerful art, were noticed by Dark Horse comics who published it in the USA. Soon after, Italian Panini decided to republish their work in Italy under their brand. Together with Shok Studio he also illustrated "Dead of Alive: a Cyberpunk Western", commission by Dark Horse and, once again, republished in Italy by Panini.

Solo career

A few years later,  the Shok Studio members took on their own career and Alberto, now a known name in the USA, continued collaborating with important American brands such as Image and Marvel delivering such works as "Sam and Twitch""Marvel Knights" and "Blade 2 ". A couple of years later he went on to do the pencils for Disney's & J.J. Abraham's "Alias"

Evolving his style

After taking a sabbatical year to rethink his style, Alberto makes a comeback with his work for KSTR/Castermann with his "Come un Cane", a story about fighting sports in the Favelas, with dialogues by Alex Crippa. With this piece, Alberto wins the Boscarato award for "Best Artist" in 2006. 

In 2007 he draws the "Unknown Soldier" series, written by Joshua Dysart for Vertigo/DC Comics. The series was nominated at the Eisner Awards 2009 for the "new serie" category.


In 2008 Alberto releases a story written and illustrated by himself, for Leopoldo Bloom Editore: Blatta. The work receives a Boscarato award as "Best graphic novel" and a Micheluzzi award as "Best Artist". Blatta was shortly after re-released in a limited white edition. Blatta is currently living a new life as a movie production, still to be released.


Alberto's latest production include "Dark Knight" for (DC comics, 2013), "Rogue Trooper"  (IDW, 2013), "FBP" (Vertigo, 2014), Zero (Image, 2014) and "Second Sight" (Aftershock, 2015).

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